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The Radleys Curriculum

Welcome everyone.

At Radleys, we work as a team and strive to create a nurturing environment for ALL of our children
and their families. We want you to feel safe to come and talk to us or to ask for help if and when you need it.
We want to give our children a wide range of experiences that help them to learn key skills in Maths,
English and the wider curriculum and you can read our intent for each curriculum area separately.
However, at Radleys, it is equally important for us to help our children to develop and grow beyond
the academic curriculum; to enable them to develop further, meaningful ‘life skills’ and experiences
including e.g:

  •  managing money/ working to a budget

  •  holding a conversation

  •  having high ambitions for their future and what they can achieve

  •  have common sense

  •  being able to question and speak out when things don’t feel right and to tell a trusted adult

  •  keeping themselves and others safe online and to know who to tell when they need help

We want our children to contribute positively to our school, their family and the wider community as they grow, and to be:

  •  kind

  •  happy

  •  polite and courteous

  •  thoughtful and considerate

  •  tolerant and accepting of everyone

  •  able to make decisions

  •  fit and active

  •  able to listen to others’ point of view

  •  able to celebrate and appreciate diversity and difference

  •  resilient and independent

  •  inquisitive

Let’s work together –home and school as a team - to make sure your child can be the very best version of themselves they can be!

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