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At Radleys we want Religious Education to promote the values and attitudes necessary for citizenship in the multi-faith and multi-racial society that our children live in today. We want our children to develop understanding , respect for, and a dialogue with people of different beliefs, practices, races and cultures. Following the knowledge and skills as set out in the SACRE - Walsall Agreed syllabus for Religious Education 2021-2026. We want all of our children to learn about a range of religions and non religious groups, so they can understand the diverse world around them. We want the children to develop their knowledge of world faiths and to be able to learn from religion and world views and about different ways of life in local, national and global contexts. contributing to and having an informed, reflective, compassionate view and caring attitude in school and the community.. Children are encouraged to ask questions about human life, beliefs, communities and express their own ideas and reflect on their own beliefs, values and experiences. We want our pupils to develop skills so to be tolerant and respectful of others and their beliefs and religions. We want our children to develop a positive attitude towards others, respecting their right to hold different beliefs from their own and work towards living in a world and community of diverse religions.




Long Term Plan

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