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Home/School Agreement

Working closely with families is central to everything we do. 

To help us to do this we ask all parents, children and staff to sign our Home/School Agreement.

Home/School Agreement 2014-15

The agreement list things that we will do in school, things that your child can do and things that you can do to help your child. For example, making sure they are ready with all of the equipment they need for school each morning or listening to your child read regularly at night.


Safe use of the Internet, including social networking sites, is also very important to us. This year we have added our e-safety expectations of parents, children and staff to the agreement. It is vital that everyone connected with school uses the Internet responsibly, so we ask you to sign to say that you will support us in doing this.


We ask all parents to sign the agreement during the October parents' evening. We keep this copy in school.


An electronic copy of the agreement can be found by clicking this link.

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