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Reading in Tent

What is phonics?

Phonics is a way of teaching children how to read.

Here at Radleys Primary School we use Read, Write, Inc. to teach children the skills they need in order to become fluent and confident readers.

Read, Write, Inc. is a synthetic and systematic phonics scheme which means that we teach the sounds (phonemes) in relation to the letter (grapheme) and then focus on applying that knowledge to blend them together in order to read words. It also means that we teach the sounds in a particular order and build on knowledge of the sounds to develop reading.

How is Read, Write Inc taught?

At Radleys we begin Read, Write Inc. in Nursery and continue until Year Two. If children require access to phonics after this, they will continue to do so and possibly will receive targeted phonics interventions.

Children are assessed each half term and are grouped accordingly. Groups are fluid, enabling the children to move groups if needed. RWI is taught daily by trained teachers and Teaching Assistants.

Who is Fred?

Fred is well known at Radleys, he helps the children to blend sounds to say and read words.

Fred can only talk in sounds. E.g. m-a-t mat d-o-g dog.

We encourage the children to use Fred talk to help them decode words.

Once the children can decode confidently, we encourage them to 'Fred in their head' (silent Fred talk). This will help your child become a fluent reader.


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