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Project Britain

How much do you REALLY know about where you live? Not just the local area, but the country as a whole?

What is the difference between the UK, Britain, Great Britain (GB) and the British Isles? How many different faiths are there in Britain? What are their key beliefs? How can you ensure that everybody is valued? What is democracy? What is an election? Who is the Prime Minister? Why do we have laws? 


Click on the picture below to visit the fabulous Project Britain web pages, designed by Mandy Barrow, a former teacher at Woodlands Primary School. 


If you want to know more about daily life, schools, government, London, food and drink or the weather or if you are keen to learn about folk lore and unusual customs, Project Britain is the place to go.


There are over 30,000 pages for you to visit, so you are sure to fine what you are looking for!


Check out Mrs Copley's blog - there are weekly research challenges and she is looking forward to you writing back to her with what you have found out.

EU and British Flag
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