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Our school governing body is made up of parents, staff and members of the local community. They play a vital part in school life, taking responsibility, for example, for school finance, staffing, learning & teaching and the curriculum. They meet at least termly and, as well as the full governing body, we have a number of other committees who oversee a variety of aspects of school life.

Being a governor can be an extremely rewarding experience and we would encourage any parent who is interested to contact us.


Parent governors are voted for by parents

Staff governors are voted for by staff

Co-opted governors are members of the local community

LA governors are suggested for approval by the local authority.


Our governors are:


Below are the names of our governors, their category as a governor and their term of office.


Rev. Colin Such   Chair of Governors/Co-opted Governor   29/01/19 - 28/01/2023

Mrs Juli Copley   Head Teacher/ Staff Governor 16/04/12

Mrs Rachel Elliott Acting Deputy Head/ Staff Governor 23/03/20 - 22/03/24

Miss Amy Flaherty Staff Governor October 2018 - October 2022 

Mr Mark Adams  Parent Governor 18/07/20 - 17/07/24

Cllr Richard Worrall Co-opted (LA) Governor 18/07/20 - 17/07/24

Mrs Sarah Brookes   Vice Chair of Governors/ Co-opted Governor 14/11/18 - 13/11/22

   Mrs Verna Mills Co-opted Governor elect

   Parent Governor Vacancy 

Mrs Susan Vincent   Co-opted Governor November 2018 - November 2022 

  Co-opted Governor Vacancy


The governing body was reconstituted, in line with legal requirements, in November 2014 and again in November 2018.

 We currently have a Parent Governor vacancy. Please contact the office if you would like to be considered. If there are more than two candidates, an election will need to take place.

For our meeting dates for 2020-21 click here.

For our committee members - currently updating

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Please scroll down for more information, including: Governor: Roles and Responsibilities; our Code of Conduct and a Governor Job Description. Anyone interested in becoming a governor can put themselves forward. If there is more than one candidate, we conduct an election and ballot papers are sent out to parents. 


Questions parents often ask include:

What does the role involve? Do I have the necessary skills? Will I be made to feel welcome? How can I help?


To help answer these questions, below is a brief summary of the roles and responsibilities of governors and you can find links to our governor Code of Conduct, as well as job descriptions for the Chair, Vice-Chair and Link Governor to help you form a better picture of the role.


You are also most welcome to attend a governing body meeting, as they are public meetings, although some items may need to be heard in private.


Governors: Roles and Responsibilities


The Governing Body

The governing body has 3 key roles:

  • To provide a strategic view

  • To act as a critical friend to the Head Teacher and staff

  • To ensure accountability

The governing body has to comply with regulations set out by the Department of Education and is required to appoint a Chair and Vice-Chair. The governing body is also required to meet 3 times a year at ‘full governor meetings’, which  take place each term, usually towards the end. The Governing Body is made up of parents, members of the local authority and the community and staff. 


The responsibilities of the governing body include setting targets for pupil achievement, managing the school finances, making sure that the curriculum is balanced and broadly based, appointing staff and reviewing staff pay and performance. Some of these functions are discussed at separate committee meetings, with each governor selecting which committee/s they participate in depending on the contribution they are able to make. Each committee has an agreed remit, a proforma agenda and recorded minutes. Currently we have several separate committees. These are:

Full Governing Body, chaired by Rev. Colin Such

Finance/Resources Committee, chaired by Rev. Colin Such

Curriculum and Standards (inc. teaching and learning), chaired by Mr Mike Blakemore

Appeals Committee, chaired by Mrs Sarah Brookes


Each of the main committees meet at least once a term, sometimes more frequently and has specific terms of reference. They report back to all governors at the termly full governors meeting. The Appeals Committee meets when required. The minutes from the full governors meetings are public documents and can be viewed at by request at the school office.


In addition, we have a number of other committees who have specific responsibilities which include: Head Teacher's Appraisal; Staff Dismissal;  Appeals, Pupil Discipline. These committees meet as necessary.


Click these links to find out more about this value role in school role.


Chair of Governors Job Description

Vice-Chair of Governors Job Description

The Role of the Link Governor

Our Governors Code of Conduct

The Role of a Parent Governor



The school's annual audited accounts are available for inspection upon request.