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Welcome to Year 4!  

Our teacher is Miss Bayliss and we are supported by Mrs Sheldon and Mrs Baker. 



This half term we are studying crime and punishment. We will be examining how criminals have been reprimanded through history and how technological and scientific advances are helping to further crime prevention in modern society. We will examine how electrical systems may be used to create alarms or security lights as well as  using our geographical skills to identify countries which still use corporal punishment. As part of our citizenship work, we will also examine how laws are made and upheld in Britain, how this has changed in living memory and why. 



Click here to see our curriculum coverage for 2016/17



Timetable Reminders


Homework will be set every Friday and it must be handed back in on Tuesday. If you are stuck then see Miss Bayliss on Monday for further guidance.  Now that you are in Year 4 as well as reading your school reading book at home (at least three times a week to an adult) I would also like you to read other stories of your choice and a range of other texts e.g. newspapers, comics, instruction manuals and non-fiction books.


Your Reading record should be in school every day. When you have read, an adult must sign your record before you progress to a comprehension sheet and the next book.


Your weekly planner must also be in school every day and must be signed by an adult each Friday. 


PE will take place on Tuesdays and you will need your full kit in school to participate. On Thursdays, you will need your swimming kit. 


Our class book for this half term is The Witches by Roald Dahl.  If you have your own copy please bring it to school with you but remember not to read on further as this will spoil the story for you.



National Curriculum Expectations for Year 4


To find out what is expected of children in Year 4 please click here.

You can view the spellings that Year 4 children need to know here.

You can view vocabulary, grammar and punctuation expectations here.


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